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I'd like to think this was a joke...
Except I know it's not. NY sends out ballots printed with Barak Osama.

They say it was a typo. I'm frankly flabbergasted that anyone could possibly believe that. I'm looking at a keyboard right now. A hunt and peck typist could not make this mistake, and it's very hard to imagine someone who actually knows how to type making it, since they're on different rows hit by different fingers.

A typo my pale pink hinie. This was every bit of a deliberate act.

These jokers will try gorram anything.

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*sigh* That is no mistake.

I especially liked the bit about new ballots being sent, but those who received a ballot with the "error" could mark and mail back either one (the corrected ballot, or the "typo" one).

"Error", "typo", "Accident", "Unintentional".... yeah, my arse, as well.

Howz about writing in the AZ senator's moniker as "McInsane"?

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