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A couple of things
First, I've dropped a couple of groups that I had been in. I no longer feel that I contribute much to them nor they to me; nothing against the operators of the coms or those who post there. If you're on one of those coms and want to know more, feel free to contact me privately.

Second, I am consistently astounded by people I've known in the past whose lives have taken far different and arguably better turns than I ever expected them to, even if I don't agree with some of their philosophical choices.

I'm regrouping a bit at the moment, and considering some of my choices, and some of my associations. I have a thing I might like to try, but I'm going to hold off on discussing it here for while until I've really had time to roll the potential pros and cons over in my head. The Samhain season is a good time for introspection; I'm going to make good use of it this year.

And that's it at the moment.


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