I've stood upon my mountaintop and shouted at the sky...
This is 2009, and I'm hitting the ground running.

I'm anticipating this being a big year for me personally and professionally. I have a number of goals for this year, and this is the year I'll actually accomplish them, by gum.
  1. This year I will lose 120 pounds. I will do this through a combination of diet and exercise. I will end the year in better shape than I've been in since high school.
  2. This year I will write. A lot. I will write no less than 500 words per day, not counting LJ and Facebook. I will participate in NanoWrimo. And I will have at bare minimum one published thing by the end of the year. I am not choosy about what that thing is (at the moment).
  3. I will speak gaelige conversationaly by the end of the year.
  4. I will get the storage unit cleared.
  5. I will be a non-smoker. Very soon, that one.
  6. I will participate in the SCA.
That's all for now, I still have a bunch of things I'd like to accomplish today. I hope everyone is having a great year!


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